Family Fun Fair provides free events for La Crosse

Fair held at Chad Erickson Memorial Park

People a little closer to La Crosse had a chance to enjoy the outdoors on Sunday.

The Family Fun Fair was held at the Chad Erickson Memorial Park, offering many different free activities for both kids and adults. Events included a tug of war, an obstacle course, a plinko machine, and much more.

From a memorial for their son to a free public fun fair, the parents of Chad Erickson are humbled to host such an event.

“So many people from the city stepped forward to help us, and they gave us the support and the belief that we could really do this. It took a little over four years to do it but this is kind of our thank you to the city. We wanted to make a free event that everybody could come to,” said Family Fun Fair Event Manager barb Erickson.

Facilities for the Chad Erickson Memorial Park should be completed this fall.