Fans in a Twitter uproar after Netflix cancels ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

“The Santa Clarita Diet,” a romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore as a flesh-eating zombie, is the latest Netflix series to get the ax.

“They called us with the news yesterday,” producer Tracy Katsky Boomer told CNN on Saturday. “We are all so sad. We have loved making it so much.”

Fans chewed up Twitter, angry that the recently released third season will be the last.

“Why was #SantaClaritaDiet cancelled? It was fresh, funny, and weird. I wish you guys would explain to paying subs why it was shelved. @DrewBarrymore and Timothy Olyphant were fun to watch. You guys should reconsider,” Donald Aguirre tweeted.

“Raise your prices, then cancel your best original show? Guess whats getting cancelled now? A whole bunch of Netflix subscriptions, that’s what,” Dana Browning wrote.

Netflix does not release ratings.

The third season scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Boomer, one of the producers, said she and creator Victor Fresco were moved by the response on Twitter.

“It means so much to us,” she said. “Our fans are best, coolest, most interesting, and most intelligent people on Earth — also the best looking — and we hate to see them upset. But it’s pretty incredible to be able to hear how much people enjoyed the show.”

Netflix also recently canceled “One Day at a Time,” “Bloodline” and “Daredevil” after their third seasons.