FBI analysis finds Sackett not linked to items found on Somvilai’s body

Day four of the Erik Sackett homicide trial started with two FBI forensic examiners reporting their findings on the items found on Erin Somvilai.

“Erik Sackett cannot be included a possible source of these hairs,” said Physical Scientist for the FBI Linda Ottostatter.

“Those were different from the blocks that were attached to Somvilai,” said Maureen Bottrell, FBI Forensic Examiner.

Blocks and rope collected from Sackett’s home, as well as a hair sample found on Somvilai all could not be connected to Sackett, which the defense feels points away from their client.

The next witness brought to testify spent the night nextdoor to Somvilai’s apartment on the night it’s believed Somvilai died. He was falling asleep when a noise woke him up.

“At the time I thought it sounded like a piece of furniture being shoved against the wall or being set down hard against the floor. It wasn’t a sharp sound, it was a thud,” explained James Borden, father of Somvilai’s neighbor.

Borden testified to hearing the noise around 11:00, the same time the La Crosse P.D. have photos of Sackett leaving Somvilai’s house on surveillance camera.

“It is a 1997 Chevy Silverado truck,” explained Brooke Pataska for the La Crosse Police.

“This is showing what is believed to be the truck. It is traveling first southbound in that access road, and then eastbound on Gould Street.”

La Crosse police have several photos showing what they believe to be a truck driven by Sackett headed back toward his home, based on security cameras from nearby businesses.

“The blue arrows are traveling northbound toward Erin’s residence, the red arrows are traveling southbound from Erin’s residence.”

The defense however, doubts that the photos shown by the P.D. are of Sackett.

“Some are difficult to determine what you’re looking at?” asked Defense Attorney Chris Zachar.

“Yes,” confirmed Pataska.

“You don’t have a photograph or license plate on any of them as far as I can tell, right?” asked Zachar.

“Correct,” answered Pataska.

The defense has argued that the police didn’t investigate Dr. David Onsrud more and should have because he was romantically involved with Somvilai.

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