February primary election coming up in less than two weeks

Believe it or not, we’re getting close to election season once again and county officials want to make sure you have everything you need to vote.

Primaries for the spring election will be held in less than two weeks. That includes a statewide race in Wisconsin for superintendent of public instruction as well as a La Crosse City Council primary for District 7.

La Crosse County’s clerk is reminding voters that the state’s ID requirements are still in effect and there’s still time to get an approved ID before the primary.

“If you don’t have one that’s acceptable right now, an acceptable one would be a driver’s license, a Wisconsin issued ID card, your school ID is available in some areas, passports. You know, if you don’t have something like that, you need to get to the DMV now to get that taken care of. There’s still time, it takes about a week to get that document in the mail but you want to move quick to get that taken care of,” said La Crosse Co. Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer.

This year’s spring primary is Tuesday, February 21st with the spring election being held on April 4th.