Feingold talks economy, student debt in La Crosse

Feingold visits Dairyland Power Cooperative during stop

US Senate challenger Russ Feingold made a stop in La Crosse Monday morning.

Feingold stopped at Dairyland Power Cooperative is part of his listening tour across all 72 Wisconsin counties to hear the priorities and concerns of residents across the state. Talking points for Feingold included a better economy for the middle class and working families and unifying Wisconsin officials despite political party.

Feingold also talked about the need to reduce and relieve student debt and tuition costs across the state.

“Now it’s about $11,000 a year for in state tuition at a place like Madison and similar or maybe a little bit less here at UW-La Crosse. We have to change that,” said Feingold.

                Feingold also mentioned working with both university and state officials to determine the best way to reduce those tuition costs.