Firefighters respond to a chemical leak at Radisson hotel

Parts of the Radisson Hotel in Downtown La Crosse were evacuated for a short period of time Saturday evening because of a chemical leak.

Firefighters and the hazmat team responded a little after six when upwards of nine people reported feeling ill.

The leak was traced to the pool area where they found a high concentration of chlorine in the water.

People had to stay out of the pool area, the surrounding rooms and the lobby as crews worked to plug the leak and clean the area.


The fire department called in extra staff to respond. They said they didn’t want to take any chances.

“In the beginning, you had so many people taking care of patients, you have so many people clearing an area, you have so many people dressing up in their hazmat suits, then you have a back up for the hazmat team, so there’s a lot of people needed in a short period of time,” said Tony Nickelatti, captain of the La Crosse Fire Department. “We had to call in (people from the) North side and South side just to help us out down here.”

People were let back in to the closed areas at around eight Saturday evening.
The pool was closed for the rest of the night.

Nickelatti said everyone was treated at the scene and no one had to be transported to the hospital.