FIRST WARN FORECAST: Clear skies tonight with lows hovering around the freezing mark. -Erik Dean

Feels Like Temperatures this evening will be in the low to mid 20s.

Evening Out

DISCUSSION: Before I get into the forecast, I do want to say “Welcome to December” and “Welcome to the 1st day of Meteorological Winter.” (The astronomical 1st day of Winter is December 21st.) Some things to point out; from now until December 21, we lose 16 minutes of daylight. From December 21 until the 31st, we GAIN 3 minutes of daylight. We will continue to gain until the 1st day of Summer.


Skytracker Dma With Temps Erik

Overall it was much warmer today as compared to Wednesday. Some places managed to stay below freezing (Eau Claire only made it to 31°) while others hovered at or slightly above freezing. With the wind picking up, the wind chill has been in the 20s and that’s where it will stay as we head into the evening hours. We will start off with plenty of sun for your Friday with highs going back into the 40s. As a front pushes through, precip chances will pick up again. Some places could see rain to start off, but the majority of us will see some snow in the overnight hours. Saturday will be much like Wednesday in which we will see highs in the mid – upper 20s.

8 Day Pm

So as stated, we will see the temperatures drop again for Saturday. Sunday & Monday we will head back into the 30s before another round of cold air pushes through Tuesday & Wednesday, which will drop the highs back into the mid 20s. By the end of next week, we will see temperatures hovering around freezing with mostly sunny skies. In terms of precipitation, tomorrow late afternoon & throughout the evening will be a good chance for some precipitation. Some of that could fall as snow especially in the evening hours. Then we have another chance for snow showers on Monday. Simply put, the rollercoaster ride continues!

Enjoy your Evening!

-Erik Dean