Flash flood proves catastrophic to Arcadia farms

Arcadia is bouncing back from a flash flood that flooded town yards and basements.

But the damage done on some Arcadia dairy farms will need a lot more than just a water pump.

“We got a bunch of rain, maybe 3 inches within a half hour and all our crops were ruined. All of the crops on the bottom they’re all flooded out, gone. The water came up and was the highest it’s ever been,” recalled dairy farmer Jordan Lisowski.

Rain like this is not something a farmer can always prepare for.

“Typically you don’t get a hundred-year flood every three days. It never got so bad that it came and covered all our fields.”

Jordan and his family planted the crops later than usual because of a wet spring. The crops were grown to use as feed for their cattle but now Jordan’s family is scrambling.

“The loss of yield that we’re going to experience will make it really hard to get through winter again. Because we’re not going to have enough feed to get through another year. Hopefully we can get something in. Some kind of crop and get that in as a yield.”

Low prices for dairy already had the farm in a tough spot. But on Monday night, when it rained, it poured.

“I’m not the only farmer that’s struggling right now everybody is. We’re all in the same boat. This is the toughest time of our lives as farmers.”

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