Flood hopes to catch on at Chill camp

Around 100 hockey players have taken over the Omni Center this weekend. Up for grabs are 30 rosters spots for the Coulee Region Chill.

One of those players is Onalaska graduate Gabe Flood. In his senior season with the Hilltoppers he scored 32 goals and tallied 17 assists. When his prep season concluded he ended up with a spot on the Chill roster for the final month of their season.

“I’m feeling real confident coming in here,” said Flood. “Playing two games last year, I have an edge to see what I have to do to make the team.”


The Chill camp runs Thursday through Sunday. Among the group are a handful of veterans who were with the team last season as well as last month’s draft selections.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I tell every kid,” said Chill head coach A.J. Degenhardt. “There are 30 spots that are open right now. So if you are a veteran guy and you came in and you’re not in good share and ready to go your roster spot is definitely up for grabs.”

What Degenhardt wants to see over the weekend is good competition from everybody trying to make the team. On Sunday he and the coaching staff will have the tough task of creating the roster for the upcoming season.

“I want the 30 guys here that are going to put together the best team and come together the best. That doesn’t necessarily mean the most skilled players on the ice but I want the best group of guys as a whole.”