Floodplain relief programs could be expanded in the City of La Crosse

Basement flooding become a concern in La Crosse

The floodplain can be a difficult place to live during flood season, now efforts by the City of La Crosse are hoping to help residents who deal with these issues in their basements.

The City of La Crosse could be expanding the Floodplain Relief Program after a committee changed the parameters, agreeing to pay 90%, up to $10,000, of projects to fill in the basements of houses in the floodplain.

The City Committee is also looking at other options, including creating a full-time position for Floodplain Manager, and adding a Property Acquisition Program.

City of La Crosse Floodplain Manager, Lewis Kuhlman said “This Spring we’ve seen a lot of people having trouble with flooding in their basements. It’s more of an emergency measure to help these people out whose foundations are cracking, or bowing in, and could potentially lose their house. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

The city has offered Floodplain Relief Grants since 2016 and the expansion is still pending on the next Floodplain Advisory Committee meeting.

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