Forest Hills, Walsh Golf Center offering free golfing for La Crosse students

Available to 6th through 9th grades

Free golf lessons and rounds are available this summer to some La Crosse students.

Forest Hills and the Walsh Golf Center are offering free rounds of golf to any 6th through 9th grade students in the La Crosse School District who pass a golf skills test. To help pass the test, Forest Hills is also offering free golf clinics next week.

Organizers are urging students to take the chance to learn golf regardless of skill or available equipment.

“We have sets of clubs for kids to use. We anticipate potentially buying more clubs if need be. If we find that there’s regular golfers and they truly can’t afford clubs, we will do whatever we can do to get clubs in their hands,” said Forest Hills General Manager Keith Stoll.

The free lessons at Forest Hills are on June 13 through 15. Each clinic runs for two hours, from 12:30 to 2:30.

The free lessons and rounds are funded through the Russ Hiser Foundation.