Forgot mom? Try these last-minute gifts

Holiday aisles in stores are starting to get more bare this week. The Mother’s Day cards and candies are starting to get picked over, so for many children and doting husbands, picking the perfect gift for mom can pose quite a challenge.

Finding out what mothers really want can be crucial. As much as she may claim to need a new toaster, mother of two Nancy Finck insists that what moms truly love is something personal.

“I usually get something homemade, which I adore,” Finck said.

Make Some Memories

For Katie Young, preserving memories is her strategy for Mother’s Day success.

“This year, I’ve made plans to have (my mother’s) old film reels turned into DVDs,” Young said. “She still has the old projector, but the tapes are slowly falling apart.”

Another creative idea is to make your mom a photo album or a scrapbook out of old photos.

Fun, Fast Gifts

Help your mom relax this Mother’s Day by giving her bath salts and other items for an at-home spa day.

If you want to add a personal touch to a gift, go to the local craft store and buy a kit that will allow you to make your mom a gift. These kits can range from jewelry, candles to pottery.

If your mom loves to garden, go to the local greenhouse and pick up some plants for your mom. If you don’t know what kind of plants she wants, then consider giving her a gift card that she can use later.

Isn’t Mom Sweet?

Spoil your mom on Mother’s Day with some sweets. Pick up her favorite chocolates, or give her dipped fruit that she can indulge in. If you want to go the homemade route, bake your mom something at home, like her favorite cake or cookies.

When In Doubt — Flowers

If you are really stumped on what to get your mom, go to the local florist and pick out a bouquet of flowers for your mom. Add a nice, sentimental card and you’re all set. The flowers will show your mom that you remembered her, and the bright colors will help add a touch of spring to her house.