Former Monroe Co. Jail nurse charged with sexual assault of an inmate

MONROE CO., Wis. (WKBT) – A former Monroe County Jail nurse is facing two counts of 2nd-degree sexual assault.

Investigators say 53-year-old Teresa Fenningkoh initially denied she did anything wrong until a detective told her she was caught on camera.

According to the criminal complaint, camera footage showed Fenningkoh and an inmate in close contact, and possibly kissing, in an exam room. The two could be seen in the reflection of a window.

Fenningkoh told the detective she felt pressured by the inmate to have inappropriate contact.

She’s also charged with dispensing a prescribed drug without a prescription and delivering illegal articles to an inmate.

Fenningkoh admitted to giving the inmate pills from her own antidepressant prescription. She also admitted to giving him roughly $1,000 in cash and sneaking in chewing tobacco.

She says the inmate also pressured her into giving him those items.

Fenningkoh no longer works at the jail.

She is free on bond and will return to court next week.