Former NFL’er shows up for Brownsville Days

Former Viking Matt Blair wanted to help the community

Just across the river was a day of celebration. It’s Brownsville Days, hosted by the Lions Club.

There was music, fireworks and a parade.

In attendance was former Minnesota Vikings player Matt Blair. That may have you wondering, what is a former pro-bowler doing in Brownsville?

Tricia Long of Brownsville got in contact with Blair to help celebrate her mother’s birthday earlier this year. After Blair helped, Long wrote Blair wondering about another favor.

“So I just emailed him and said, Matt would you be interested in coming down for our little community?” said Long, “I said this is the biggest fundraiser for the Brownsville lions and our community.”

“It’s a part of life that you go through and I know when I was young, growing up, a lot of people helped me get to where I’m at and without them I wouldn’t be here, so I just try to give back and help as much as I can,” said Blair.

All proceeds from Brownsville days go to the Brownsville Lions Club.