Former Wisconsin lawmaker Wood convicted for altering prescription

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. — A former Wisconsin lawmaker whose legal troubles forced him not to see re-election is convicted again on a prescription drug charge.

Jeff Wood pleaded no contest in Chippewa County Court to tampering with a prescription by adding a zero to a prescription for acetaminophen so he could receive more pills.

Wood was sentenced to three years probation and 250 hours of community service.

He will need to apply for drug court in Milwaukee County, where he currently lives.

Wood was arrested for impaired driving three times since 2008, which triggered calls for his resignation. He chose not to seek re-election.

Wood was sentenced in January 2011 in Monroe County to nine months in jail for his 5th OWI offense. He was arrested in October 2009 in Tomah.

At the time of his sentencing in Monroe County, Wood had completed a 32-day substance abuse program, and was taking courses to become a substance abuse counselor.

Wood previously served 45 days in jail for a 3rd OWI in Columbia County, and 60 days in Marathon County for a 4th OWI offense.