Fort McCoy donates used computers to Sparta middle school


SPARTA, Wis. — Thanks to the U.S. military, some students in Sparta have new laptops.  Meadowview middle school received 45 laptops Thursday morning.

It’s part of the Computers For Learning program.  The military refurbishes slightly used technology and donates them to schools.

The computers come from Fort McCoy and the soldiers there say they are happy to be able to give to their community.  “We’re so close to Sparta and a lot of the other surrounding areas, it’s a great opportunity to help students but in a lot of cases it’s helping our own selves cause a lot of our kids are going through these schools so it’s a great opportunity,” says Col. Rick Angeli of the 181st Infantry at Fort McCoy.

The computers are only a couple of years old.  They’re replacing laptops that are eight or nine years old.  Before they’re donated, the military goes through an extensive program to clean any classified information off the hard-drives.