Fowler & Hammer wins bid to build new northside school

The La Crosse School district lands a favorable bid for the new northside school.

Fowler and Hammer wins the project with a bid of about 14.5 million dollars. That’s more than a million dollars below what voters approved last November.

One of the biggest priorities of the school board as they looked at the five bids was keeping the project local. “The school’s going to be on the northside, it’s going to be the pride of the northside and we wanted people from the local area to be able to build it,” said Board President Connie Troyanek.

“It’s a great community project, a lot of local sub-contractors, local suppliers; we’re northside residents so to build a school on the northside is great,” said the President of Fowler & Hammer Sue Christopherson.


Construction on the new school begins next month. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for next Friday.