Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration celebrates 170th anniversary

If the walls at Mary of the Angels Chapel could talk.

“This building will say ‘You’ve honored the lord well. As a community and by the light of the people around, and by what you stand for,” explained Sister Carrie Kirsch of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration,

There would be a lot to say.

The Franciscan sisters pride themselves on faith-based community work that has stood the test of time.

After all the community is responsible for the chapel’s construction.

“How did these women back in the 1900s be able to have and put up such a place when they didn’t have money? They knew who to get for windows; they knew who to get for the oil paintings, and the wonderful story about the statutes,” said Sister Kirsch.

Long before this chapel was built, serving the community and helping others was ingrained in the identity of this organization.

“What I have loved especially apart of being FSPA is that they’ve always paid attention to the signs of the times. Today to be Franciscan is to pay attention to important values that sometimes can be seen as counter cultural,” expressed Director of Affiliation for the FSPA Beth Allen.

Being able to adapt to the needs of the times, while keeping thousand-year-old traditions alive, is how the sisters have continued to be a positive presence.

“It’s living in this ‘both and’ space where we can progress to the future and pay attention to current needs, but also honor the sacred traditions that we’ve come from for thousands of years,” elaborated Allen.

And after 170 years in this community there are no signs of these sisters slowing down.

“We will stick with being part of it as long as we can, but who knows what the future is so at this point it’s up to the lord… the spirit… but we will be a part of it,” forecasted Sister Kirsch.

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