Free parking in downtown La Crosse for holiday shopping

Police Department hopes to make everything less stressful

If you plan on heading to downtown La Crosse to shop this weekend, you may be happy to know parking will be free.

The La Crosse Police Department knows how hectic the shopping season following Thanksgiving can be, so there will be no charge for ramp parking today through Monday. The gates will remain in place over the weekend, but there will not be any charges when you leave the ramps.

Officers say the parking changes for the weekend are meant to make the holiday shopping season a little easier on everyone.

“We don’t want to obviously discourage people from going to those downtown businesses, so yes, it was a collaboration just to make sure people don’t have to worry about parking. One less stress,” said La Crosse Police Department Community Resource Officer Brooke Pataska.

Officers do want to remind you alternate side parking will still be enforced though.