Freedom Fest Medallion found

Winner receives 2 VIP tickets to Freedom Fest

The Freedom Fest Medallion hunt was found at about 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Dawn Wilson, of La Crosse, found the medallion in a hole in the top of a concrete block at the south entrance to Field for Kids on Cunninghan Street in the La Crosse Industrial Park.

Here were the clues released and what they referenced:

Clue #8 (Wednesday, May 28th)
Happy Days are clearly in view
For Howard, Marion, Richie–Joanie too!
Genealogy’s not needed
A road map will get you there unimpeded.

[Referenced Cunningham Street through the characters of “Happy Days,” which is the street that is taken for access to the location of the medallion.]

Clue #7 (Tuesday, May 27th)
Point of access must be deduced
There is no need to climb or ask for a boost.
Channel your inner Beyoncé
The answer’s Irreplaceable on replay.

[Referenced the gate at Field for Kids and that the medallion is located to the left of it.]

Clue #6 (Monday, May 26th)
It’s been said felines have nine lives,
With tenacious strength and power they survive.
Use caution and obey the signs.
Commerce flourishes within these broad confines

[Referenced the FABCO (CAT) office near the location, also the street signs and the industrial park itself in this clue.]

Clue #5 (Friday, May 23rd)
Even if it’s Hip to be Square,
A different shape is more like what is there.
The sod’s clipped and ready for play
The medallion sits, not too far away.

[Referenced the soccer field and its shape-not square, but rectangular.]

Clue #4 (Thursday, May 22nd)
Ramped up—victory’s not fleeting
So the heart of rock and roll is still beating.
Jump into the hunt—it’s a ball!
Freedom Fest VIP tickets—quite the haul!

[Referenced a victory, soccer ball and getting one’s herat beating with the running during the games at Field for Kids.]

Clue #3 (Wednesday, May 21st)
Games are played, lots of feet do pass
Upon the freshly manicured and green grass.
The two I like best— “Sports,” and “Fore!”
Huey and the News sure made albums galore!

[Referenced the soccer games played on the grass Field for Kids.]

Clue #2 (Tuesday, May 20th)
Freedom Fest VIP tickets
Will be yours when you solve this sticky wicket.
Like the series with the gunslinger
This hunt is sure to be a real Humdinger!

[Referenced the huge power lines towering over Fields for Kids (“Dark Tower” is the Stephen King series about the gunslinger.]

Clue #1 (Monday, May 19th)
Know your boundaries – lines to cross
And if you go too far – you’ll be at a loss
Review the clues and decipher
Be sneaky, like Catwoman – Michelle Pfeiffer

[Referenced the edge of the City of La Crosse line and also ‘CATwoman” for the CAT (FABCO) offices, nearby the location.]

The person who finds the medallion should call the phone number on the back of it to claim their prize consisting of two VIP tickets to Freedom Fest 2014 featuring Huey Lewis and the News, Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band, and the Remainders.  The winner will also receive two meet and greet passes.

Guidelines for the medallion hunt:

The medallion is hidden within the City of La Crosse.
It is not buried underground but may be obstructed from view.
It is accessible 24 hours.
People should obey all posted signs and laws at all times while hunting for the medallion.