G-E-T School Board meeting adjourned early after some parents refuse to wear masks

The meeting turned into a lengthy dispute between parents and school board members over the district's mask policy

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) – Monday night’s G-E-T School Board meeting did not go exactly as planned, and it eventually led to a lengthy dispute between parents and the school board.

The meeting had the focus of possibly tweaking the school’s mask policy.

But some parents showed up to the meeting refusing to wear masks, so the school board quickly adjourned the meeting after the Pledge of Allegiance.

Most of the school board members left the room.

Back-and-forth debate followed between some parents and the remaining board members in the room for more than 20 minutes.

Some of the parents said they would even appoint themselves to the board to get the meeting going.

Galesville police eventually showed up and said masks are required inside the school.

One of the parents claimed during the meeting she doesn’t support the school’s mask policy because some kids are having health problems with the masks.

“They are coming home with headaches from these masks and breathing it,” she said. “They are passing out on sports courts. They’re playing basketball, passing out, hitting their heads, concussions. This is, this is insane. It’s gotta stop for our health. Yes, I understand people are feeling protected by the masks, and that is your choice and that is your right. Your choice, your body. Don’t force it on us and our children.”

District administrator Michele Butler tells News 8 Now that the meeting from last night is rescheduled for this Thursday in the Performing Arts Center lobby. There will be a separate area for parents who would like to take part in the meeting in the arts center vestibule.

News 8 Now contacted some of the parents and school board members who were at last nights meeting. Some of them could not or did not want to interview. Others did not get back to us in time.