G-E-T School District officials hold special board meeting after racial incident

A public and closed session revolved around a racial threat made towards a student last week

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) – School officials from the G-E-T School District gathered for a closed session at G-E-T High School Tuesday evening.

It was in regards to the racially charged incident involving a threat to a high school student.

The mother of the victim posted on Facebook that a group of boys racially bullied and threatened her son last week.

The incident eventually lead to the school to start an investigation.

Some parents attended the public portion of the session Tuesday night, raising concerns about the incident and made recommendations to the school.

School officials then held a closed session for about two hours.

They took what the parents said into consideration.

Officials also reviewed recommendations from law enforcement, as well as school policies and procedures.

G-E-T School District superintendent Aaron Engel says the school is doing everything it can to make sure incidents like this don’t happen again.

“We are going to continue to educate our staff on racism and hate and bias,” Engel said. “We’re providing training for staff and students on what it looks like and what students can do about it. And we’re also going to engage our community in a wider discussion so that we can have a greater impact in our area.”

Engel also says the district is going to review its curriculum to ensure all students feel safe.

The incident remains under investigation before the school board of education takes any disciplinary action.