G-E-T speedster Luke Vance signs for Division-I St. Francis in Brooklyn

For G-E-T senior Luke Vance, the athletic talent became really noticeable in sixth grade. Vance came home after dominating gym class and said, “Mom, Dad, I think I’m fast.”

Oh yeah, he’s fast. A two-time State sprinter, Vance has dominated the 100, 200, and 400 dashes every meet he’s been a part of this season, sweeping all three events at regionals this week.

His running ability has caught the eye of several schools, but one stands above the rest.
Surrounded by family, Vance officially signed for Division-I St. Francis College out in Brooklyn. Vance has family who live out in Jersey, so he has been around that area a few times.

For Vance, the Zoom calls with coaches only confirmed where he wanted to be.

“The coach seems really technical and I really like that,” Vance said. “It seems like he’s a person I could walk behind and understand him, and the program being out in an area I wanted to be in since I was little just helps a lot–being in a big city.

“I just hope I leave a mark [to cap off this season.] I hope people look at me and are like, he’s one of the better sprinters to come through this school.”