Galesville man arrested in Minnesota for murder after Wednesday night’s riot

During one of those demonstrations in Minneapolis this week a man was shot and killed. New details show the alleged shooter is from Galesville. Three hours from La Crosse’s city limits fires lit up the night sky as riots destroyed city blocks in South Minneapolis for the third night in a row. The chaos from last night’s demonstrations are hitting close to home.

On Wednesday night at around 9 P.M. shots rang out. Police reported a man was shot and killed outside of Cadillac Pawn and Jewelry store. Officials say the alleged shooter was the owner of the pawn shop.

“We do have one person in custody at this time,” said John Elder, of Minneapolis Police Department.

Hennepin County Court lists his address as a local one. The alleged shooter, John Rieple, of Galesville, Wisconsin. According to Rieple’s social media, he attended Holmen High School and Winona state.

Minneapolis police said in a news conference that the shooting happened near the riot area.

“This was close to the area of protests, and there were a number of people that were there that were not cooperating with officers,” said Elder.

According to officials at the Hennepin County Attorney’s office, Rieple has yet to make an initial appearance to be charged.