Gardening advance for plant owners ahead of first frost of the season

With a dip in temperatures coming soon, you may want to take some steps to protect your plants.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach into the mid-30s the next few nights.

That means we are getting close to the first frost of the fall.

Temperatures below 28 degrees will injure or kill flowers or fruit that is not yet ripe, according to the UW Extension office.

And the colder the temperatures get the less likely it is for plants to survive.

Some simple steps can help.

“Anything that’s left on your patio or your porch, it’d be nice to get those inside now. Otherwise, for any annual flower or vegetable gardens, it’s a good time to pick any last tomatoes or peppers,” said Western Technical College greenhouse grower Zack Gaugush.

Also, any dead or dying plants should be removed and a layer of mulch can help soil health.

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