Gardening course offered for Onalaska H.S. staff

Teachers will incorporate it into their lesson plans

A lesson in gardening has area teachers thinking about how to show kids where their food comes from.

Low maintenance vegetable gardening is a course created for the staff at Onalaska High school.

Teachers learn the basics of home gardening, but are also working it into their lesson plans.

Teachers hope to make gardening part of showing kids a healthy lifestyle.

“Teaching the teachers to garden is just to let the kids have some experience hands-on gardening and to teach them where their food comes from, and we also are connecting it to the science curriculum that they’re learning in school. So it’s a great hands-on way for them to learn about gardening and also about science,” said the district’s Gardening Coord. Jodie Visker.

Nutrition is another important lesson that Visker hopes the teachers will pass on to their students.