Gay slurs leave Baraboo truck owner frustrated

Seeks tips on Facebook, offers $500 reward

Gay slurs keyed into Mike Arndt’s truck left the owner frustrated and asking for help on Facebook.

Arndt, of West Baraboo, has been offering a $500 reward for tips this past week after someone caused an estimated $6,000 in damage to his pickup on July 15.

The damage included two gay slurs on the driver’s side.

“I was thinking a lot of real bad things, I got the shakes real bad, and I wanted to go out and get revenge,” Arndt said.

He said the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department responded and lifted a fingerprint from the truck.

A Sauk County dispatcher said Sunday he didn’t have access to the police report, and wasn’t able to give an update on the case.

Arndt said his Facebook campaign has brought in responses from as far away as Kentucky, but still no leads.

“You’re constantly wondering, with every little sound you hear at night, is somebody out there messing with something else out there now?” he said.


The vandals also filled the gas tanks on his pickup and semi-truck with dirt and sticks, and Arndt said he’s still working to clean that up.

To report tips, contact the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office at 1-888-847-7285.