Georgia teacher searches for kidney in unique way

A Georgia teacher who needs a kidney is searching for a donor match in a unique way: by hitting the streets.

WGCL reports that Sam Worley, who has needed a new kidney for several years, has been standing at the side of busy Atlanta roads while holding a sign and approaching drivers.

Worley turns down any money that drivers offer, instead handing them a card with his information, all in hopes he’ll find a match.

Worley said he’s been on a wait-list for 6 years.

“In five more years I might be too sick to do this to get a kidney. The wait time keeps increasing. Right now they tell me 10 years, but when the 10 years is up, they could be telling me 15 to 20. I don’t have that time.”

Some days, the popular teacher even gets a helping hand from his students, who join him on roadsides to hand out his donation cards.