Gerard Butler accidentally flashed 400 people at wedding

In case you were wondering if Gerard Butler wears underwear under his kilt, he does not.

The actor appeared on “Conan” and told a tale about the time he flashed the entire congregation at his sister’s wedding — and his mom is the one who pointed it out.

Host Conan O’Brien mentioned Butler’s Scottish heritage and said he loved wearing a kilt once to a wedding.

“I went to a wedding once and I was required to wear a kilt and I loved it. I thought it was fantastic,” he said.

“We were born in kilts, the worst diapers,” Butler quipped.

He went on to explain how an entire wedding party once peeped too much skin when he was wearing one.

“I have not worn a kilt as much as you would think, but I have worn a kilt at my brother’s wedding and my sister’s wedding and I loved it both times but they were both disasters, because at my sister’s wedding I had to do the first reading and I was on the altar, it was a Catholic wedding, and there’s like 400 people in the congregation,” he said. “I’m standing looking and my mom’s in the front row and she’s looking up at me and I’m looking down on everyone and my mom is pious like this (making hands in prayer position) and I think she’s telling me to pray… and I look down at my leg and my kilt is spread wide and my leg is facing the whole congregation.”

Butler laughed the situation off, clearing up any confusion as to if you wear underwear under a kilt. The answer is, traditionally, no.

“I definitely, that day, was not wearing underwear,” he laughed.