Gift ideas for dads who golf

Does your dad love to golf? Consider getting him some new golf accessories this Father’s Day.

Towel: Give your dad a new towel to keep in his golf bag so he can wipe his hands and clubs during his round.

Shoes: If your dad’s golf shoes have seen better days, surprise him with a new pair.

Spikes: Wearing spikes will not only help your dad on the course, but they can also help extend the life of his golf shoes.

Tees: Golfers can always use more tees. Make sure your dad doesn’t run out mid-round by adding to his supply.

Gloves: Help your dad enhance his grip and protect his hands with golf gloves.

Sunscreen: Help your dad prevent a sunburn by making sure he has sunscreen to keep in his golf bag.

Bag: If you’re looking for a larger item to give your dad, consider giving him a new golf bag.

Clubs: Has your dad been eying a new putter? Or dreaming of a new driver? Father’s Day could be the perfect time to surprise him with the new club.