Girl creates toy for police dogs

A little girl from Connecticut is making a difference for some special officers.

They’re not just any officers, they’re K9 officers getting some love and attention one new toy at a time.

K9 officer Casner is a little exhausted after playing with his new toy!

Casner is a police dog and spends his days and nights by the side of Berlin Police Officer Aimee Krzykowski .

When Casner met 8-year-old Mia Phinney a few months ago in Hartford, and for Mia, it was love at first sight!

” I don’t know, I’m just really an animal person and dogs. I grew up with dogs my whole entire life, ” Mia said.

“Mia fell in love with him and just wanted to play with him, and she just wanted to drop off a toy so a couple days later she came to the station and brought treats for our guys and brought a toy for Casner ,” Krzykowski said.

After meeting Casner , mica decided that he needed a new toy, but not just Casner , she wanted to meet and give a toy to every K9 officer in the world!

For now, they’re settling on the dogs in Connecticut and they’ve come up with a pretty cool creation.

“It’s made out of lacrosse balls and boat rope and we put electrical tape on it and we use the heat gun,” Mia said.

“She’s done a really great job with these, this is her project that she makes, and she meets up with police dogs all over the state and gives them toys,” Kryzkowski said.

Mia’s mission is extra special for Krzykowski who beat breast cancer for the second time and met Mia at a fundraiser.

It makes everyone proud, especially Mia’s dad.

“Mia is a character to say the least, she loves animals, she has grown up around animals from when she was a little kid, she used to volunteer at Meriden Humane Society,” said Denny Phinney , Mia’s dad.

” Well, we always joke that the K9 officers are the most loved officers in our department and it’s a joke but it’s actually true. When our dogs get love like this, when they get toys dropped off, it means a lot to us, you know, ” Krzykowski said.

Mia is also becoming a big star on Instagram where she posts pictures and videos with dogs.