Girls Group takes the crown at La Crosse SOUP event

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — For the first time in two years, La Crosse SOUP is back fully in person with the same goal: making La Crosse better.

“Great things happen when people come together, fill up spaces and be close to one another,” said Josh Court, director of La Crosse SOUP.

SOUP is an organization that works to crowdfund community projects. At this event, with a $5 donation, community members get a cup of soup and a vote for one of the projects pitched.

“We’ve got four groups that are going to share ideas tonight on how they can make La Crosse better,” Court said.

The projects pitched Tuesday night included a mom’s night out with provided childcare, tattoo removal for former gang members or survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking, support for a local adventure film festival, and crafting and hygiene supplies for a group that empowers young black women.

“Just giving up a night to come together as a community means a lot,” Court said.

The people heard each group make its pitch, and the people decided who won.

Girls Group, which operates out of Hope Restores, took the crown.

“Our group is really for people that are needy, so it would really help needy families who can’t get the stuff that they really need,” said Keyamonie Thomas, a member of the group.

Thomas, who joined the girls group this summer, said spending time with other girls who look like her matters.

“We can connect and talk about the experiences we have surrounding the same topic,” Thomas said.

The SOUP funding will make it easier for them to do just that.

In the end, SOUP raised just under $2,000. That came partly from tonight’s fundraising and several donations from local businesses.

All of the money goes toward Girls Group.

The three other groups that pitched at La Crosse SOUP got the chance to connect with the crowd to get their own projects off the ground too.

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