Giuliani predicts his work for Trump will not harm his legacy

Rudy GIuliani said Monday that his work for President Donald Trump will not hurt his legacy as a once widely embraced mayor of New York.

“I am proud of what I’m doing,” Giuliani said in an interview on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Giuliani in particular about the boos that the former mayor — a rabid New York Yankees fan — received at Yankee Stadium last week on his 74th birthday, suggesting his work for Trump contributed to the rude reception. Sporting a ritzy Yankees ring, Giuliani dismissed the inquiry.

“I have a clear conscience,” Giuliani said. “I’m doing my job as a lawyer.”

Giuliani, who gained worldwide acclaim for his leadership as New York City’s mayor during the September 11 attacks, argued that his work for Trump served a broader purpose of protecting the office of the presidency.

“This has got to come to an end, this pursuit of presidents,” Giuliani said.

To bolster his argument, Giuliani railed against the impeachment process against former President Bill Clinton, who the former GOP mayor said was wrongly attacked by Republican members of Congress.

“I thought the impeachment of President Clinton was terribly wrong,” Giuliani said Monday.

He continued, “I know the power of the criminal justice system, and it should not be used in these political situations.”

Giuliani’s defense of his work came as part of a broader interview on CNN, where the former GOP mayor called Trump’s shifting position on the Trump Tower statement a “mistake” instead of a lie and railed against former FBI Director James Comey.