Glow bracelets helping raise awareness about lung cancer


LA CROSSE, Wis. — November is lung cancer awareness month.  It’s a disease that gets little awareness and not much research funding according to experts.

This month with some help from Gundersen Lutheran, students in the La Crosse area are getting a helpful reminder of the dangers of smoking with glow bracelets.

The bracelets are being given to fifth and sixth-grade students, the grades when many students take health courses teaching them about risky behaviors including tobacco use.

Teachers say something as simple as a bracelet can get kids thinking about what they’re learning and keep them thinking about it.  “Have them for a reason.  That reminder is to think about the decisions that they make and how tobacco can have a negative effect on their life,” says West Salem Teacher Justin Running.

200 bracelets went out in West Salem.  A total of 2,000 of them are being given out to students across our area.