Go green with your Thanksgiving decorations

Sometimes, store bought decorations just don’t make the cut. They’re often pricey in a time when people are trying to save money and can lack character and warmth, both elements you want to project in your home. More importantly, store bought decorations are often made from harmful materials that can damage our health and the environment.

However, going green with your Thanksgiving decorations is easier and a lot more fun than you think. Here are some tips on how to bring all the warmth and character you are looking for without the harmful elements.

Borrow from nature

Grab a basket, grab the kids and take a walk through the nearest park. Not only are you out enjoying a beautiful fall day, but all around you are natural decorations perfect for any Thanksgiving celebration. Pick up leaves, acorns, pinecones and more to create centerpieces and accent decorations your table and home.

Leaf coasters

When you are done scattering leaves around your table and the rest of your home, take the remaining leaves, glue them to some sturdy cardstock and cut down to the size of a coaster. A little laminating and you have a festive spot to rest your drink!

Chinese lanterns

These delicate little flowers that look like tiny pumpkins are perfect for bannisters or railings. Just attach them to a length of ribbon and hang! The best part about them is, with proper care and packing, they should last and you can get several years of decorations out of them.

Wine bottles

There are a lot of things you can do with empty wine bottles and half the fun is emptying of the bottle in order to decorate it! Once it is clean and dry, paint the entire bottle the desired color, tie a bit of twine around the middle and then add some twigs and other natural decorations you picked up on your walk. To add a little sparkle, add another coat of paint to the top of the bottle and then roll that half, still wet, in glitter and let dry.