Golden eagle makes visit to Myrick Hixon Ecopark


LA CROSSE, Wis. — We can all recognize a bald eagle, but what about a Golden Eagle?  Visitors to La Crosse’s Myrick Hixon Eco Park got to see one up-close Thursday night.

The National Eagle Center in Wabasha brought in ‘Donald’ the golden eagle as part of a presentation about the birds who winter in our area.

Visitors learned how to spot them and where to look.  “The golden eagles that are here, they’re in the bluff country.  They have no interest in fish.  They’re feeding on mammals, on squirrels, rabbits and turkeys. Pretty amazing predators.  I’ve even seen golden eagles in this area go after deer.  Never successful, but definitely trying!,” says Scott Mehus of the National Eagle Center.

So look to the bluffs to spot a golden eagle and not out on the River.  Mehus says a lot of times when people think they’re seeing a golden eagle out on the water they’re actually seeing an immature bald eagle.