Gordy’s Market grand opening in La Crosse on Friday

The Gordy's Guru: People will find prices here that make them happy

A new grocery store on La Crosse’s northside is now open for business.

Gordy’s County Market made its grand opening Friday.

The Eau Claire based Grocery story bought what used to be Our Town Market.

The company already has a store in Galesville and Arcadia and says the move to La Crosse is great opportunity for both the community and the future of their business.

“I think they’re going to come here and find prices that are really going to make them happy. They’re going to find great products and then they’re going to find that customer service that sets us apart. Really in this small little community we’re kind of located in the middle of a lot of houses. It’s a great little spot in a cool little neighborhood,” said ‘The Gordy’s Guru’ Matt Selvig.

The store will soon be adding on to its location with a gas station on site.