Gov. Walker addresses economic development conference in Sparta

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says the automatic budget cuts the nation is facing seem likely to happen.

At an economic development conference in Sparta Thursday, Governor Walker said he has an idea to get around it. He’s suggesting the President take a page out of his handbook.

Governor Walker wants to see the President empower himself and his cabinet to make an alternative set of recommendations to make more reasonable cuts.

He says it’s a better way to handle the deficit reduction as time ticks closer to the budget cuts. “This is what leaders are made for, moments like this are when leaders step for and say ‘hey, I may not like all this, but let’s offer a better set of cuts than the ones that are proposed there,’ which just about universally are not the right way to balance the budget,” said Governor Walker.

The governor says the President was not interested in his suggestion when he offered it to him at the White House Monday.