Gov. Walker downplays rumors of presidential run

The speculation continues to grow over whether Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is planning to run for president.

It was announced this week that Walker is writing a memoir which set to be released later this year. Some believe it’s just another indication that he wants to make a run at the the White House.

“Hopefully (the book) will get as much attention later in the year when it comes out,” said Walker. He says the book will be a guide to people in other states on how to make reforms.

However, is that the true reason for writing it? Publishing a book is a way many candidates have helped raise money and notoriety before they gear up for a run for president.

Walker contends that his focus remains on Wisconsin but says being mentioned as a candidate for president means he’s doing something right as governor.

“If I continue to do a good job for the people of Wisconsin, people will talk. If I do a lousy job, they won’t talk,” said Walker


“I think it’s a signal,” said Karri Kline, chair of the La Crosse County Democratic Party. Kline and other Democrats say the book shows that Governor Walker isn’t fully invested in Wisconsin.

“My point of view, no. Why whould I elect someone that is going to leave possibly in a couple years because he’s more interested in running for president than running our state,” said Kline.

“I love being governor. As you guys know, I had to work pretty hard twice in the last two years to be governor. In fact, by next year’s election is will be 3 times in 4 years,” said Walker, referring to his election victory in 2010 and recall victory in 2012.

Earlier this month, Walker spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in the Washington D.C. area. The high-profile event featured a straw poll of early favorites to represent the Republican Party in 2016. Gov. Walker came in sixth place with just 5% of the votes.