Gov. Walker urges voters to turn out during La Crosse stop

Scott Walker visits La Crosse to support Dan Kapanke and Julian Bradley, encourage residents to vote

Just a handful of days before Election Day, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker makes a stop in La Crosse to back local Republicans running in statewide races and encourage people to vote.

Walker says Republicans Dan Kapanke and Julian Bradley have his support because they share his vision on how to move the state forward.

The governor is urging voters to head to the polls on Tuesday even if they aren’t happy with the candidates running for president.

“It’s tremendously important,” said Gov. Walker. “When you look at the state senate, state assembly and the United States senate, these are races that will have a tremendous impact on people here in Western Wisconsin and, for that matter, all across the state and it’s really important to come out.”

Walker will again be pushing people to get out and vote in La Crosse Friday, when he’s scheduled to be joined by Senator Ron Johnson and House Speaker Paul Ryan.