Gov. Walker visits La Crosse to promote dairy grants

"Dairy 30-20" initiative gives farms up to $5,000

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was in La Crosse Thursday to talk about grants helping dairy farmers in the state. That includes the “Dairy 30-20” initiative, giving farms up to $5,000.

The money can be used for things like keeping animals healthy and business planning.

It’s an effort by the state to increase milk productivity to 30 billion pounds by 2020. That¬† would mean the state wouldn’t have to import milk for things like cheese making.

The other is an “Agribility” grant which helps farmers with disabilities and health issues continue farming.

“It’s made a big difference in our family, cause we were at a point where we had to do something and we had a family meeting and nobody wanted to sell the cows, so we had to think of a way to keep it going,” said farmer Jeff Berg.

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