Governor Tony Evers awards $9.4 million in grant money to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE (Wisconsin) — Gov. Tony Evers listed workforce challenges Tuesday during an address at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he also announced $9.4 million in Workforce Innovation Grants for the  UW-Eau Claire.

“The past 19 months have challenged our state,” said Evers, noting that issues such as the lack of child care, health care and transportation have stopped people from working.

“We have to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to meeting workforce challenges in our communities,” he said.

The grants will fund tuition incentives and new healthcare programs to help people get jobs in public health and mental health.

“We came together with our partners to meet immediate, medium and long-term needs,” said Carmen Manning, dean of College of Health and Sciences at UW-Eau Claire.

One of the programs will create permanent health-care hubs, bringing health care to rural areas, “to be able to help people access health care that have traditionally not been able to do that,” Manning said.

Chippewa Valley Technical College also will receive $10 million to build multipurpose centers and labs for students.

Evers hopes this will “encourage them to stay and build their careers in rural Wisconsin.”

The Workforce Innovation Grant program includes a total of $100 million in grants using federal, American Rescue Plan Act funds.

The grants will focus on the individual problems in each region, Evers said.

“Leading edge, long term solutions to the unique workforce challenges in their communities,” said Evers.

The UW Eau Claire will also partner with Mayo Clinic to provide clinical learning and programs for future nurses.

The university says that educators, nurses, educators and social workers make a foundation for a strong community.

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