Governor Walker, Burke campaign as election draws near

Both voice need for voter turnout

The start of early voting means the clock is running down for both Governor Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke to persuade voters to their side.

Burke campaigned at an event in the northeast part of the state Monday. She talked with supporters who then headed off to cast an early ballot.

Burke says this is a critical time to get out the vote.

“Turnout is just going to be the most important thing at this point and getting out the message to people about the contrast here what is at stake. Their vote really is important and we are going to continue to travel around the state make sure people. Get out and vote,” said Burke.

Meanwhile Governor Walker stopped in La Crosse Monday.

He held up a Packers jersey with the number 84 on it.

It wasn’t just for team pride. The governor says it represents the state creating 8,400 private sector jobs last month. He’s hoping those numbers get more people to the polls.

“This is going to be a turnout election, there’s really a very narrow number of undecided voters out there, and so we want to carry the day with independents. We’re making our case to independents across the state, but we also know we need a strong turnout amongst republican leaning voters out there,” said Governor Walker.

The latest Marquette Law School poll has the two candidates tied.