Governor Walker visits LB White in Onalaska

Candidates are trekking across the state pushing for voters

It’s crunch time for candidates in the midterm election.

We’re only about a day away from the polls being closed and hours more from races being called. That includes a tight race for Governor in Wisconsin.

Both candidates are trekking across the state pushing for voters. Governor Scott Walker visited LB White in Onalaska, a heating product manufacturer.

He’s says his leadership is helping more families live the American Dream by freezing tuition and cutting taxes.

“What I hear time and time again are people who say, ‘if you want to keep this economic recovery going, you need to put that money back in the hands of the hard working taxpayers, so that as consumer and employers and entrepreneurs and investors, you can put that money to work. As long as I’m governor, every time we have a surplus, we’re going to keep putting that money back in your hands to keep that money working here in the economy, what do you think about that?” said Governor Walker.

Burke planned appearances in Eau Claire, Superior, Stevens Point, Green Bay and Madison Monday.