Grandad Bluff could re-open soon

LA CROSSE, Wis. — When it comes to La Crosse landmarks, Grandad Bluff is one you just can’t miss.

“When people come to town or have their family come to town, the two spots they always take them to is Riverside Park to see the Mississippi, and Grandad Bluff to see the difference of 650-feet down to the city,” said La Crosse Superintendent of Parks Gar Amunson.

But since April of last year, it’s been closed for renovations. Now, officials are saying it looks more and more like it will be open to the public sooner than expected. Amunson said that’s because it’s the public’s property.

“It’s a facility that is owned by the public and we know there’s a lot of people curious, that want to see it. And it is their property, so they should be able to see it. So if it’s safe, we’ll let them see it,” said Amunson.

This is the first time the South-facing overlook will be open in four years. The long-awaited railings are finally here, but they haven’t been screwed in yet. That’s just one of the many finishing touches that still need to be completed before it can be opened up.


“The snow and ice are my concern right now. We just don’t want to see anybody slip, and slide and fall. Because we’re not treating the ice and the snow up here,” said Amunson.

Grandad Bluff has had quite a facelift. The shelter has been restored to be exactly as it was in 1932. The bathroom has been fixed up. Plus, a majority of the area is accessible to people with disabilities.

As carpenter Cody Peterson will tell you, it’s not your typical job site.

“We get here in the morning before the sun comes up, usually. And so you’re able to watch the sun come up and the moon will still be on the west side. So it’s a fairly pretty view,” said Peterson.

It’s a view he’s going to miss, but will soon get to share with the whole community.

Even though it’s likely the landmark will be opened to the public sooner than expected, the official grand opening is scheduled for April 27th.

This year is also Grandad Bluff’s 100th birthday.