Grandad Bluff Park renovation nearly complete

LA CROSSE, Wis.–  A major renovation project on La Crosse’s Grandad Bluff is nearly finished.  Officials tell News 8, they’re just waiting on some of the railings to arrive.

SLIDESHOW: Grandad Bluff Renovation

The 1.4 million dollar project included restoring the Shelter house to what it was originally back in the early 1930’s and getting rid of steps and barriers to make the view accessible to people of all abilities.  “Spacious, accessible, showing off one of our prized areas in the city — Grandad Bluff.  The most visited spot in the city, second-most in the state overlook as per Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It’s beautiful, it’s absolute class,” says Parks Superintendent Gar Amunson.


Because not all the railings are in place and because right now is not an ideal time weather-wise to re-open the Bluff, the grand opening has been pushed back.  It’s now tentatively scheduled for April of next year.