Grandad Bluff Park reopening pushed back to Spring

LA CROSSE, Wis. — The renovation project at Grandad Bluff is on schedule, but the official opening is being pushed back to next spring.


SLIDESHOW: Grandad Bluff Renovation

Work crews say mother nature has been cooperating and work is going smoothly.  But delivery of some final items, including railings for the walkways, is being delayed.  Tthat’s pushing the opening back until March.

The renovations include a newly paved road, walkway and a completely restored shelter.

The city says the new look is better than they expected.  “You look at all kinds of drawings, do all kinds of meetings, but when you see the reality of coming up here and seeing what it actually is going to look like, it is beautiful,” says Parks Superintendent Gar Amunson.

The renovations also include a gate in front so the city can close the park every night.