Grandad Bluff re-opening brings more than a great view

LA CROSSE, Wis. — It’s been just about a year since construction started on the Grandad Bluff overlook, one of La Crosse’s main tourist attractions.

The re-dedication of the site just weeks away and construction crews are putting on the finishing touches.

Only a few railings are left to install and some landscaping to finish.

While some may feel like they’ve been waiting forever to get back up on the bluff, organizers say it will be well worth the wait.

Park and Recreation Superintendent Gar Amunson says when it comes to re-designing one of La Crosse’s iconic landmarks and main tourist attractions, every detail is crucial.

“Everything was thought about. It took a committee of us to go about the front of the bluff to say what trees will go, what will stay, every detail was covered,” Amunson said.

After close to a year of construction, and hours and hours of work the Grandad overlook is just weeks away from re-opening.


“It’s getting right down to the finishing details dedication re-dedication will be in three weeks from Thursday,” he said.

The re-opening couldn’t come soon enough for the La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Dave Clements.

“Grandad bluff is an asset to the region because people know us by that structure that facility that area and they come here and want to go see it,” said Clements.

They’re gearing up to make sure everyone knows about the new look.

“We did a full-page advertisement in our visitor guide. We print 95,000 of those. We did a full page highlighting the improvements of Grandad Bluff,” said Clements.

Improvements that will bring more tourists to La Crosse, which is good news for local businesses.

“The average tourist spends more than $100 a day and that money stays right here,” said Clements.

Despite all the work to complete the project, Amunson says one look is all it takes to make all the hard work pay off.

“Many many many meetings many phone calls texts emails went into the project,” said Amunson. “It’s definitely all worthwhile, definitely all worthwhile. It’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous.”

The grand re-opening ceremony is scheduled for April 27.