Graveside memorial service held in Winona for ‘Baby Angel’

It’s been five years since the body of a baby girl was found floating in the Mississippi River near Winona.

The girl came to be known as ‘Baby Angel’ after she was found in a bag also containing angel figurines.

On Monday, a ceremony marking the five year anniversary of her discovery was held at Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona.

Those who worked on the case and the family who found Baby Angel both hope the memorial creates new leads in the case.

“My hope moving forward is that anybody who has any information, whether they were on that river 5 years ago or they know of friends, family, somebody that was pregnant and they don’t know where the child is or have any information at all would step forward,” said Sharon Forst whose family found ‘Baby Angel.’

News 8 recently took a closer look at the five year anniversary of this case. You can view that story here.

In the meantime, if you have any information about the case, you’re encouraged to call the Winona County Sheriff’s Office at (507) 457-6530.