Group celebrates William Shakespeare’s birthday

Flash mob performs short rendition of 'Romeo and Juliet'

An area group celebrated the birthday of William Shakespeare with a unique version of one of his classics.

As part of the Great River Shakespeare Festival’s 450th Birthday Party for William Shakespeare, a flash mob performed as short rendition of “Romeo and Juliet.”

The group preformed the famous balcony scene Wednesday in front of an audience at Merchants Bank in Winona. Organizers say it’s a great way to celebrate someone who has played such an important role in literature.

“We wanted to let everyone know that Shakespeare has endured for so many centuries because he is probably one of the greatest writers if not the greatest writers here that’s ever lived,” said Shakespeark Festival Managing Director Lee Gundearsheimer.

The Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona was just one of thousands held across the U.S. Wednesday.